This is a secret to no one: everybody knows that Bob LOVED football, and as he often said during interviews, he would have become a professional football player if he had not been a singer. Even his best friend (Alan "Skill" Cole) was a professional football player. “I have 2 passions: reggae and football” as he once said. Or “football is freedom”. Click: 

Whenever Bob played music, the ball was never far. He would play football most of the time before a concert, backstage or during the soundcheck. The tour bus would also be equiped with a TV to allow him to watch the games. And whenever Bob played football, his guitar was never too far either. Music and football could not be separated.

Therefore, as this site is mostly about Bob's music, this page will include nothing but pictures of Bob playing football, or soccer. If you have pictures of Bob playing football that you would like to see included here, please e-mail me them.

To read an interview (in french) with Bob carried out in 1980 for a french football magazine (Mondial), while Bob was on tour in France, please CLICK HERE.

Finally, to read an article (in english) entitled "Marley, me and a misplaced tackle", written by a journalist who played football with Bob in Hyde park (London) and now feels guilty as he had also stepped on his toe, please CLICK HERE.

Brazil 1980
Paris 1977
This is when Bob's toe was stepped on
Brussels 1977
Tuff Gong
Oakland 1979
London 1977