New artwork and new audio samples. There are also a few other things to discover.

Brand new version of the site! There are plenty new things to read, hear and watch :-)

The “Intelligent Diplomat” site is back online! We have found a new server so the URL has changed. Click here to go to the site.

Brand new design for the entire site, faster loading pages, new sound samples, as well as 2 new sections: a section about Bob's stay in Brazil in 1980, and a section about Bob Marley oddities. There are many new things to discover.

The problem to display the site with Netscape browsers has been fixed.

Brand new section with the list of all the Wailers renditions and sound samples mixing the original version and the rendition.
Review of the Bordeaux 80 show by a fan who attended it.

A few new records in the vinyl gallery.

New records in the vinyl gallery.
New links.
New flash animation on the welcome page.
Have a look at the site to learn more about the imminent release of bob marley unreleased material by island records.
Update of the Wanted! page.

A few new records in the vinyl gallery.
New welcome page made with flash.

Happy new year!
New concert review of the Toulon 1980 show.
1 new link.

New articles and updates of some of the old ones.
A few new pictures of records in the vinyl gallery.

Improvement of the quality of most of the pictures.
New records in the 45's gallery.
New pictures of Bob playing football.
1 new link to Andy's site.
New page about Distant Drums, the best magazine about Bob Marley and the Wailers.

New articles and interviews.
I had to add "copyright" mentions on my pictures of Jamaica because some people wanted to steal them (they are personal souvenirs and have nothing to do on anybody else's site).

3 new live samples (Barcelona 80, Chicago 79 and Ibiza 78), including the only known live versions of Three little birds and Survival.
New section featuring unreleased acoustic, demos and rehearsals samples.
Addition of a few records in the vinyl gallery.
New section featuring special Bob Marley records.
New articles and a link to a new english translation.
New pictures of Bob playing football.
Redesigned Peter Tosh tour dates page.

New site updates section.
New Bob Marley and Peter Tosh tour dates and venues.
Third part of the Best 179 article.
Link to the english translation of the "Babylon en Rolls" article.

... and in a few days, a new section with bob marley unreleased demos, acoustic and rehearsals samples, as well as new pictures of bob marley playing football and new articles.